National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) Annual Proceedings 2018: Boundaries and Bridges


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Summary of Contents

Chapter 1.   Presidential Address: Rising to the Challenge

Chapter 2.  Distinguished Speaker: Access to Justice

Chapter 3.  (Part 1) Comparing General Damages Claims for Mental Distress in Employment in Ontario: The Courts, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and Arbitrators

(Part 2) Resolving Backpay Issues: What an Arbitrator Would Do

Chapter 4.  Background on Class Action Waivers in Arbitration

Chapter 5.  Current Trends in Arbitration, Mediation and Upcoming Bargaining Issues in the Airline Industry

Chapter 6.  Examining the Potential Impact of Positive Train

Chapter 7.  Selecting a Permanent Panel for Postal Disputes

Chapter 8.  Performance Impairment Assaulting Our Assumptions      

Chapter 9.  Developments Affecting Union Security and Union Strength at the Workplace –Ripe For Export to Canada?

Chapter 10. The Mythology of Mandatory Arbitration in Employment Relations

Chapter 11.  The Continuing Dilemma of Police Body Cameras – The Police Perspective    

Chapter 12.  Complex Procedural Issues in the Arbitration of Mass Employment Claims

Chapter 13.  Mediation of High Performance Sports Disputes

Chapter 14.  Fireside Chat with James Oldham, NAA

Chapter 15.  Covered Non-Bank Markets

Appendix National Academy of Arbitrators 2017-2018 Officers and Committees

Book Information

2019/Approx. 300 pp. Hardcover/ISBN 978-1-61746-685-1/Order#3685

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