Labor Union Law and Regulation, Second Edition


Fill the void in the complex area of labor union law with this comprehensive reference that covers the myriad laws and regulations affecting unions, union members, and other represented employees. Completely revised in the first new edition since it was originally published in 2003, Labor Union Law and Regulation, Second Edition organizes, examines, and clarifies the laws and regulations governing intra-union dynamics, including union membership rights and obligations, collection and expenditure of union financial resources, elections of union officers, the duty of fair representation, union-security arrangement through negotiated collective bargaining agreements, and inter-union relations and trusteeships. Written by recognized experts in the field, it covers all significant aspects of labor union laws and regulations, including in-depth discussions of the Landrum-Griffin Act (LMRDA).

Labor Union Law and Regulation organizes its chapters by subject rather than by statute, which facilitates a clear, practical understanding of the law and the interaction of its various requirements. The authors are all seasoned practitioners, who provide incisive analysis and valuable guidance as they explore every facet of labor union law. 

The Second Edition updates the ever-developing law of internal union affairs with analysis of topics including:

  • Recent LMRDA cases on internal union disputes
  • The use of the internet and electronic mail in union elections
  • The developing law of union security, especially in the public sector
  • Recent cases in right-to-work jurisdictions
  • Fiduciary duties of union officers
  • The duty of fair representation
  • Inter-union disputes
  • Legal representation of labor unions

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  • Chapter 1. Union/Member Rights and Obligations
  • Chapter 2. Union Finances: Funding, Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Reporting and Insurance Issues
  • Chapter 3. Internal Union Elections
  • Chapter 4. The Duty of Fair Representation
  • Chapter 5. Union Security
  • Chapter 6. Legal Relations Between Related and Autonomous Labor Organizations
  • Chapter 7. Ethical and Legal Issues Relating to the Practice of Union-Side Labor Law
  • Appendix A. Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959
  • Appendix B. Taft-Hartley Act, Section 301
  • Appendix C. Office of Labor-Management Standards: Standards of Conduct
  • Appendix D. Office of Labor-Management Standards: Rules and Regulations
  • Appendix E. DOL Office of Labor-Management Standards Internet Site
  • Appendix F. AFL-CIO Constitution Articles XX and XXI
  • Appendix G. States With Right to Work Laws
  • Table of Cases
  • Index

About the Editor-in-Chief

William W. Osborne, Jr., Osborne Law Offices, P.C., Washington, DC, has engaged in the practice of union-side labor law and employee representation since 1976.

2017/1,060 pp. Hardcover/ISBN 978-1-68267-260-0/Order #3260

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