U.S., EU, and UN Sanctions: Navigating the Divide for International Business


Sanctions compliance has become a primary preoccupation for boards of directors, compliance specialists, and line managers in many industries due to a massive increase in the size, scope and consequences of sanctions enforcement.

Enforcement actions can end in penalties, guilty pleas, and significant reputational damage for companies. A blurring of regulatory and jurisdictional boundaries has added even more risk. U.S., EU, and UN Sanctions: Navigating the Divide for International Business provides practitioners, compliance professionals, and other interested parties with a comprehensive overview of economic sanctions and give unique insights into the policy and process that goes into sanctions programs, interpretation, and enforcement. Using real examples, it helps practitioners understand how the U.S. government may think about certain situations and consequently helps readers more accurately assess risks and plan business strategies going forward.

The treatise addresses:

  • the reasoning behind and critiques of the use of sanctions (Chapter I)
  • the historical development of sanctions (Chapter II)
  • the legal framework for and the status quo of U.S., EU and UN sanctions (Chapters III, IV and V respectively)
  • dealing with conflicting requirements for sanctions compliance, with a focus on the EU Blocking Statute (Chapter VI)
  • and how to set up a robust sanctions compliance system (Chapter VII)

With a clear understanding of how sanctions operate, how policymakers think about the tool, and where enforcers have increasingly focused their attention, the skillful practitioner can also find opportunity amidst the complexity, helping clients promote core foreign policy interests as they navigate the challenging waters.


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    2019/Approx. 500 pp. Hardcover/ISBN 978-1-68267-281-5/Order #3281



    Adam M. Smith 

    Stephanie L. Connor

    Richard W. Roeder

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