Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet, 2019 Edition (25 Sheets)


Keep employees current on the latest critical benefits topics and ensure that they have the latest information by giving them the Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet, 2019 Edition.

This fact sheet, available in eight-page booklet format, includes updated information on Social Security taxes, disability benefits, eligibility requirements, and cost of living adjustments. It also covers: the new definition of a spouse (expanded to include same-sex spouses), the impact of earnings during retirement on benefits, the eligibility requirements for disability benefits, and more. The fact sheet can be displayed in the office and is useful for company informational mailings, trainings, and new-employee packets. The convenient eight-page booklet format of the Social Security and Medicare Fact Sheet makes it easy to distribute at any time. It can be sent through office mail, included with training materials and new-employee packets, or displayed in the office. 


The 2019 Edition includes updated information on Social Security taxes, including current levels of income taxed and the highest monthly benefit allowed; disability benefits; eligibility requirements; and the current cost of living adjustment percentage. It includes information about who qualifies as a spouse (expanded to include same-sex spouses) and the impact of earnings during retirement on benefits.

In concise language, the Fact Sheet helps your employees understand:

  • Approximately how much they will receive in retirement benefits
  • The average monthly benefit amount for all retired workers
  • The highest monthly retirement benefit that can be received
  • The Government Pension Offset
  • Medicare Part A hospital care benefits
  • Medicare Part B eligibility and costs
  • Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage plans
  • Medicare Part D income-related adjustment costs

The Social Security Administration mails statements to workers after age 60 who have not registered online. The 2019 Edition provides information on how workers can create a personalized online account to access Social Security statements and estimations of benefit and also explores other online tools.

A Summary of Social Security Benefits

  • Retirement
  • Disability
  • Survivors

How You Qualify for Benefits

How Benefits Are Calculated

The Benefits Estimate Explained

  • How to get it
  • What it includes

A Summary of Medicare Benefits

  • Hospital insurance plan
  • Medical insurance plan
  • Medicare Advantage plan
  • Prescription drug coverage

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Leslie King is a former tax law editor at Bloomberg Tax and currently serves as assistant general counsel at the District of Columbia Retirement Board.

Published:  2019

ISBN:  978-1-68267-755-1

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