Preventing Sexual Harassment and Other Workplace Harassment: A Fact Sheet for Employees, 2019 Edition


Give your employees a tool to easily understand the complex issues involved in sexual and other workplace harassment. Now in expanded 16-page booklet format.


Enforce a harassment-free workplace with Preventing Sexual Harassment and Other Workplace Harassment: A Fact Sheet for Employees.  

Updated for use in 2019, the Fact Sheet uses clear language to bring the complex and confusing issues of harassment law to a personal, understandable level. It’s the best low-cost, high-impact tool for making the facts available to management and employees.

The Fact Sheet provides need-to-know information including: 

  • Common scenarios that lead to harassment lawsuits

  • Common (and often ineffective) excuses that harassment investigators encounter

  • How is sexual harassment defined?

  • What are other types of workplace harassment?

  • What sort of behavior constitutes harassment?

  • When does a workplace environment become “hostile”?

  • What are the signs that conduct is unwelcome?

  • What responsibilities do employees have for preventing harassment?

  • What are appropriate responses to harassment?

  • What does an investigation entail?

The Fact Sheet also contains an informative chronology of the development of workplace harassment law.  This important guide can be used in training, distributed to staff to keep them updated on changes in policies, and displayed in common areas. 

 Minimum Order - 25 copies


Chelsea D. Mesa is a partner at Seyfarth Shaw, Los Angeles, CA.

Published:  2019

ISBN:  978-1-68267-755-1

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