Comparative Global Design Law



This new book explains and compares design patent law and design protection around the world to attorneys who need to help clients protect their designs in the global marketplace and provide practical guidance on how to do so, including specific examples across multiple jurisdictions.  Included is a comparative example case study showing the same article to illustrate the differences between drawing requirements as well as statistics about (i) design filings such as timing and number of filings and (ii) litigation such as number of cases and decision outcomes.


Elizabeth D. Ferrill


  1. Fundamental Principles of Design Law
  2. International Organizations and Agreements
  3. Design Law in China
  4. Design Law in the European Union
  5. Design Law in Japan
  6. Design Law in South Korea
  7. Design Law in the United Kingdom
  8. Design Law in the United States
  9. Creating a Strategic Global Design Patent Portfolio: An In-House Attorney’s Perspective
  • Appendix A: China
  • Appendix B: European Union
  • Appendix C: Japan
  • Appendix D: South Korea
  • Appendix E: United Kingdom
  • Appendix F: United States

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